— Canning

This two storey house is located in a quiet, leafy inner Melbourne street. The project involved the careful restoration of the front of a heritage-listed Victorian polychrome brick terrace house and extension of the original structure, converting it into a light-filled, comfortable home for a family of adults.

The existing skin of the building has been retained with the front façade impeccably restored to its original grandeur, playing an important role in the streetscape as a whole.

Historic charm characterises the front of the house which opens out to the rear extension comprising light and airy living spaces. The northern walls comprise full height glazed doors which concertina open, seamlessly connecting indoors and out. The transition from old to new is handled carefully, with a glass wedge separating the adjacent forms.

Family members are accommodated in independent wings however an overall sense of connection and conviviality is achieved. The dichotomy between the controlled, solid street elevation and the more sculpted, open northern aspect balances privacy and seclusion with an inclusive and generous living environment.

The re-use of this heritage building provides a sustainable solution, celebrating the charisma of the historic fabric whilst fulfilling the needs of a contemporary context.