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— Glen Iris

The existing house is a 1930s style brick bungalow on a relatively steep site that falls away from the front to the rear. The owners wanted a two storey addition with the rear living area easily accessible. It proved to be quite a challenge to design a contemporary structure without the need of building dispensation as building on a sloped site always presents a challenge, particularly in regard to overlooking and overshadowing. 

The form is extremely modern and differentiates from tradition building styles. North light is continuous throughout the house, with highlights in all living areas and the kitchen. As it is designed as a family home, it was important to provide ample living spaces throughout the house. 

Some of our favourite features incorporated into this design are:
  seamless indoor/outdoor transition,
- good circulation,
- central kitchen & clever intergration of storage with two walk-in pantries to achieve a deceivingly simple looking kitchen,
- concealable study space off the rear living.
- clever internal hanging areas in the laundry, connected to upstairs via laundry chute,
- link between levels via a feature open staircase,
- all upper bedrooms provided with a view, whilst not overlooking neighbours,
- upper children's bathroom has a closeable shower area to allow for two users.

As always, the house is well designed with sustainable principles, including double glazed windows, a high level of northern light, insulation and photovoltaic cells, as well as solar collectors for hot water service located on the existing roof. 

This project is currently under construction by Neumode Design & Construction.